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What is Inbox Museum of Art?

Inbox Museum of Art is a daily dispatch of the best art pieces from the world's best art museums.

How does it work?

Every weekday in the morning you’ll receive one great piece of art straight to your inbox.

What’s the purpose?

Almost all major art museums and galleries in the world (such as Tate, MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Library and many others) have published their collections online. Some people don’t know about it, other just don’t have time to explore it online.

We strongly believe that just one artwork a day can inspire you and set you off for a better day.

And in one year you’ll see 260 new works of art!

Who’s behind the project?

Yuriy Oparenko and Yuriy Fedorenko.

I have some feedback, how can I get in touch?

Please drop an email to