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  1. I\’ve been prompt to leave a review quite a few times throughout the course and now, here I am, just finished the whole course. What I want to tell you is that it might seem very \”tool\” involved at first, it gets better and better.

    I started this course for a career change. I was a digital marketer but in China, it\’s a whole different picture than pretty much the rest of the world. But now that I\’ve finished this course, I\’m seriously thinking about starting my own business instead of getting a job!

    Great work Daragh! I really appreciate and enjoy the good content you created.

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  3. This is a great course for some one who had zero to little knowledge of the market. With what I learned here I was able to get a better understanding of the market, and was able to ask myself more educated questions that only furthered my learning. Thanks for a great start! starting the next course now.

  4. It was a lot of content covered. So there was a lot of information that in the future I will be able to reference back to. I feel there should have been more activities during each section especially at the beginning. This would have given more opportunity to showcase what was being taught.

  5. The course was really very helpful. It shed some light into what I do daily and gives me more understanding on the flow of phases, tasks, etc on projects or even some times in somes operations. Looking forward to get more knowledge in Project Management in the future.

  6. Not just a course, but a whole set of techniques and anything you may need when shooting interiors and exteriors. If acknowledged I\’m sure you will become an amazing Architecture photographer.

  7. The course advertises certification in a day, but I would recommend taking the time to really digest the different trainings, approx. 1 hour 40 minutes of training. I studied in 20 minute chunks, then took advantage of the sample quizzes and questions. In all, I was certified after about 4 days. Passed on my first try. Great course, thanks

  8. I\’m still at the beginning of the course but I\’m already learning a lot.

    I\’ve been checking all over YouTube for ways to grow my IG for my business. But could not find anything worthwhile.

    How she gained 10,000 followers is a killer. I can\’t believe I never thought of that.

    Thanks for being so generous with your learnings. Can\’t wait to finish the whole course.

  9. The course and content was really good. well organised, not too fast so I couldn\’t pick things up but not so slow paced that it was boring. the reason I haven\’t given 5 stars is that the course booklet is not well written, there are grammatical and spelling areas throughout and the photo editing sections are not covered in the booklet at all.

  10. It was a great experience in learning from you! Mind-blowing!! I do web development in PHP with my own small team and was thinking to add IOS native development skills so that I can bid for IOS apps as well. This course structure has given me a great knowledge about the topic, as well as shown the end-to-end picture of the same. Thanks for this great effort, sharing the invaluable content, and for everything! Thanks Again!

  11. Just like with any other skill, truly mastering remote facilitation requires one essential component – practice. As we love to say at AJ&Smart “getting started is more important than being right,” so now it’s your turn to get out there and try it out for yourself.